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I've been a weather forecaster for 5 years, an oceanographer for 12, have more than a passing interest in computer technology, and have enjoyed a diverse range of activities from scuba diving to homebrewing.

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Tidbits (mostly technical) I've found hard to find on the internet, or not present at all.

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ML Mathworks Matlab Scripts
SO Stackoverflow Help/Info Given
OSM OpenStreetMap Roads/Structures Mapped
Fl Flickr Interesting Pictures?
Vi Vimeo My Videos
DC DonorsChoose Let's Help Teachers
Ki Kiva Money Lent

Some Websites I've Developed

DD Ocean Circulation GPS Drifter Tracks
COD Ocean Currents Real-Time Surface Currents
Tol My Grandfather's Book
HFY Here For You Denver Concierge Services
OSK Old School Karate Excellent Karate Dojo in Denver
TCD Tai Chi Denver Best Tai Chi Classes in Denver
America believes in education: the average professor earns more money in a year than a professional athlete earns in a whole week. ~Evan Esar

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